Human Rights Task Force Creed

We oppose discrimination, segregation, intimidation, harassment, physical harm, or the denial of equal protection in any form based upon race, color, gender, sexual orientation,or religion. 

We promote interracial and intercultural understanding; we promote racial and ethnic harmony. 

We encourage parents and educators to teach fairness, justice, and equality; we encourage everyone to live these ideals.

Every other year, the Bonner County Human Rights Task Force asks for input and feedback to guide their mission. Particpate in this year's survey by clicking the button below. Thank you for your input.  

Based in Sandpoint, Idaho

Located in North Idaho, the Bonner County Human Rights Task Force has been active in the community since 1992. With a membership of well over 300, the Task Force works to promote tolerance, support human dignity, and educate adults and youth across the county.

In addition to community activities, the Task Force organizes annual human rights conferences, aids in the development of school curriculum and promotes human-rights activity at the elementary, middle and high schools.